Toronto, Kitchener Waterloo, & Destination Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Hey! I'm Jeremy, I'm known for spilling my coffee, eating egg benedicts, & trying to be a pro barista (my latte art is still a work in progress)

I’m a passionate person who loves meeting genuine people, making them laugh in front of my camera, and crafting memories for people to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Growing up in a musical family I was always taught to follow my passions and learn the craft to the best of my ability. 

What I love most is capturing amazing human’s authentic genuine love & their personalities.

#dreamjob #Let'sGrabACoffee

Community Leader at Kitchener Waterloo Wedding Venues

Alongside I am the community leader of Kitchener Waterloo Wedding Venues. A site that is dedicated to helping Kitchener-Waterloo couples find their dream venue through visual content on the amazing diverse wedding venues in Waterloo Region!

Recent Crafted Memories

“Fall MORE in love with your best friend every day”