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My Kickass Proccess

Genuine, Real, Authentic Story Telling

I focus on my clients (aka new friends). For me, I love my job so much since I get to meet so many incredible people that I have the honor of capturing their story.

How I capture real, genuine moments:

By building a friendship before my photo shoots it adds trust during our time and the moments I capture are more real moments since it's us hanging out as friends rather than an official photo shoot.

My goofy personality; my personality brings comfort & fun to our photo shoots, I'm able to get you guys laughing, become comfortable, all while capturing your true personalities. 

Poseless Wedding Photographer (#Let’sLaugh)

I never like my photo shoots to feel like a posed, boring, fake process. Through my years of working with amazing couples, I've learned how to craft a process that has endless laughter, bringing out real genuine moments, because you guys want to have fun!

I do this through:

Adding in lots of movement instead of poses

Bring out my own personality to get you two laughing & having fun

Make it about you two, I want to hear about why your cat is so awesome, your friends, & your life.

Story Telling With Photography & Videography

Both mediums of photography & videography are SO strong. Photography captures a moment, video allows me to capture the entire moving story.

Why I love offering both:

It adds two characters to your wedding

It's a rad way to see your wedding in 3-4 minutes (instead of watching a 4-hour edit, who has time for that!?)

Photography captures bold emotional moments in time

Videography can capture your entire personality, moving stories, from the laughter, emotional tears, it's amazing how powerful videography can capture all elements.

Craft Your Own Collection For A Custom Quote!

Invest in your legacy

I believe in living life to it’s fullest through adventure, passions, & connections

Hey! I'm Jeremy, I'm known for spilling my coffee, eating egg benedicts, & trying to be a pro barista (my latte art is still a work in progress)

I love dogs, meeting new people in my life I get to build meaningful relationships with, & capturing experiences.

Get to know me and my awesome clients by taking a look around :)